Staying Connected as a Remote Team During the Pandemic

Laura RogersBlog

The way we work and stay connected has drastically changed over the past month. Our organization physically closed our office space’s doors due to the spread of Coronavirus, and remote work has become the new reality for our R&D Team at FiscalNote. It is an ongoing challenge to keep our team well connected and build the same sense of community … Read More

Dispatches From Our Fall Hackathon


“We encourage our employees, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google. This empowers them to be more creative and innovative. Many of our significant advances have happened in this manner.” — Larry Page and Sergey Brin in their 2004 IPO Letter For FiscalNoters, fall means a … Read More

Golf Prose: A Q&A with FN’s Putt-Putt Masterminds


In-between providing white-glove service to FiscalNote clients, members of the Professional Services cleverly concocted a miniature putt-putt course (dubbed Pro Serv Putt-Putt, officially and respectfully) earlier this fall that sprawled across the desks of vacationing colleagues. I had to know: did this seemingly intricate putter project drive a wedge between teammates, or did golf’s super-short game bring them all closer … Read More

Galactic Bites & Games on #Maythe4th


Client education manager Mike Hamilton sparked #maythefourth activities early Wednesday, when he took to the OTC Café to set up a copy of his Fantasy Flight Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game. Post-lunchtime, FiscalNoters paired board-game revelry with galactic treats, including Chewbacc-lava and light-saber-themed cupcakes. The invitation came from Jed-i Barklet, a golden doodle wise well beyond his 11 months. Think you’re destined … Read More

The Big Blue Visits FiscalNote


The University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship kicked off its inaugural Northeast Entrepreneurial Trek in FiscalNote’s OTC Café on February 28. This program selects 30 University of Michigan undergraduate and graduate students to participate in a multi-city adventure intended to introduce student entrepreneurs to two of the nation’s fastest-growing startup ecosystems: New York City and the District of Columbia. The group first … Read More

FiscalNoters relish craft beers in the FN café


Enterprise Solutions Analyst Emma Copeland educated fellow FiscalNoters January 26 on affordable craft beer selections, and some of their very best mates: bite-size snacks from Trader Joe’s, of course. The food-and-drink pairings and presentation, prepared by Emma, were part of the company’s recurring show-and-tell-style “ShowFN” series. A flight of five, carefully curated brews—both bottled and canned—were complemented by pretzel nuggets, cheddar cheese, … Read More

Résumés & Pokémon: How to catch ’em all


Despite Friday’s punishing humidity, FiscalNoters took to the sidewalk at 5 p.m. to chat with prospective candidates as part of the company’s first-ever Résumé Drop & Pokéstop recruiting blitz. Team members doled out ice-cold Gatorades (because our Popsicle handouts melted) — mere steps from a hotbed of Poké-activity in Thomas Circle — while accepting CVs and answering questions about open positions and the company’s passion-fueled … Read More

Management team sails to victory


Well, one team sailed to victory. The other was left in its wake. Monday morning, our managers — equip with ample sunblock and curiosity — piled aboard a charter bus destined for a mystery management retreat plotted by associate director of operations Amy Dalebout. Approximately 45 minutes later FiscalNoters found themselves in front of the Maryland State House in downtown Annapolis. On its steps, … Read More

Popsicles and Productivity: Our Q3 Meeting


More than 110 FiscalNoters packed into a Westin conference room Wednesday morning to hear company updates, share Q2 learnings, pose questions, and prepare for big growth in Q3 — on the business development and client success teams, specifically. It was a company precedent, CEO Tim Hwang noted: the first time the organization, which earned a Top Workplaces nod last month, had to … Read More

FiscalNoters rise and shine for management training


FiscalNoters gathered in the One Thomas Circle kitchen bright and early Wednesday morning — 7:30 a.m. to be precise — for an intensive, three-hour management training lead by Vice President of Operations Arthur Karell. Accessible to all employees, management training is intended to examine FN’s best practices in tech management, management expectations, and overall company strategy. Managers have the responsibility … Read More