Health Week gets FiscalNoters focused on personal goals

FN hosted our inaugural Health Week November 4-9 in an effort to better align FiscalNoters with their mental and physical wellness goals. Each session within this multi-day program was carefully curated to reflect a stage in the cycle of healthy goal setting. Wednesday’s schedule featured quick-and-dirty health assessments and body screenings to measure employees’ BMI, weight and exercise patterns. Joanna … Read More

FiscalNote costume contest crowns champion

On Oct. 30, a bizarre group of characters stalked into FiscalNote’s downtown office. In the marketing department, gangsters sporting orange water guns mingled with squids. Up the stairs, Superman jostled a Ninja Turtle as they waited in line for their photo shoot. The tension in the air was palpable; FiscalNote’s Best Individual Costume award was on the line. Many of … Read More

How Afterschool Alliance focuses on improving educational activities

At FiscalNote, we are lucky to have some pretty awesome customers. Once a month, our Customer Success Team host a client in our office for a Lunch and Learn, where we gather as a company to eat lunch and listen to the client discuss what they do, and how they use FiscalNote to do it. For our third installment, we … Read More

DeStefano is one of FiscalNote’s ‘relentless achievers’

The last page of FiscalNote’s culture deck, which outlines our seven company values, ends with this statement: “We are a company of relentless and exceptional achievers.” It might as well say “weird” achievers: our team members include an intern who can attach magnets to his face, a Business Development Associate who is scared of grapes on the floor, and a … Read More

FiscalNote grows footprint in New York, sets sights on larger presence

NEW YORK – For twelve months, Craig Burel was a one-man team at the FiscalNote New York office. From June to July that team grew to six, and – as CEO Tim Hwang sees it – could eventually rival our Washington, D.C. office in size. That’s the strategic vision as FiscalNote expands our regulatory offerings to help companies assess their … Read More

FN drone demo provides introduction to aerodynamics

A “drone” in popular nomenclature has traditionally meant a mindless being that goes about a task. This may be an apt use of the term when applied to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), but one that only leads to confusion, according to FiscalNote’s Chris Simpson. Chris is an avid pilot of remotely controlled aircrafts, a passion he shared during a recent … Read More

Wine lesson gives FiscalNoters a taste of the trade

Not many of us here at FiscalNote are wine connoisseurs. In fact, when tasked with setting up for the most recent installment of ShowFN, we quickly realized that we didn’t even have a corkscrew in the office (we could, however, come up with a half dozen bottle openers). Luckily, we have Business Development Associate Amanda Wynter to help us distinguish … Read More

Batman: The startup superhero?

To many experts, the factors distinguishing a “superhero” from a “hero” are as clear as day; but to others, there seems to be a grey area. Thor – of course. Superman – well, it is in his name. Batman, however, is a little more controversial. As Bill Palombi pointed out to other FiscalNoters, a Google search for “is batman a … Read More

FiscalNote CEO remarks on two years in business

This is a very special day. Today – exactly two years ago to this day – FiscalNote incorporated as a company. It’s been an absolute whirlwind of an experience these last two years, growing and learning alongside this team. Each and every one of our employees has had a tremendous impact on the mission and trajectory of this company and … Read More