Data Science, Marketing & Client Success Collaboration: Using Big Data to Make Grassroots Advocacy Professionals More Successful

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Our Data Scientists found what makes an advocacy email successful

FiscalNote’s premiere advocacy product, VoterVoice, enables professionals to run grassroots campaigns to easily enable their supporters to email, call, or tweet their elected officials about issues important to them. VoterVoice’s clients have sent over 1 billion emails to their supporters over the years, and we knew there was unique insight we could learn by partnering with our extremely talented Data Science team.

These emails have the goal of getting an organization’s supporters to take action on their behalf related to some sort of policy initiative. One example would be a call to action to support a Congressional bill related to Veterans. When sending an email to supporters, organizations can control a few variables that determine the efficacy of their emails—subject, length of body, time of days, number of “calls to action,” etc.

Big Data for Advocacy Efficacy

First, our Data Science team worked closely with our Marketing Team to analyze the raw data from over 2,400 organizations and 75,000+ advocacy campaigns. After months of work, the Marketing Team published a comprehensive report titled, “The 2019 FiscalNote Advocacy Benchmark Report.”  This thought-leadership piece of content was well received by the political advocacy community, receiving hundreds of downloads in the first few hours. The first-of-its-kind report included aggregate benchmark information, as well as industry and sector benchmarks, so organizations could understand where they ranked amongst their peers. Once the Client Success team read the report, they immediately saw an opportunity to apply the findings in educational materials. In order to make the Advocacy Benchmark Report actionable for our VoterVoice clients, our Client Success team outlined additional questions that would be impactful to answer from the raw set of data utilized in Marketing’s report. Once the team knew that the questions could be answered, the Data Science team went to work, driven to solve a complex scientific problem and taking the findings from the initial report one step further.

Making VoterVoice Clients More Successful

After months of hard work, on a project overseen by one of our most talented data scientists, Daniel Argyle, PhD, we learned the ideal length of an advocacy email, the number of calls to action to include, where to place calls to action, and so much more. Now that we had not one, but two authoritative pieces of research that could actually help our clients be more effective with their advocacy outreach, we needed to figure out how to enable clients to learn and apply these insights. 

Our 1:many CSM team (sometimes known as User Education or Scale CSM team), led by Brandon Carroll, partnered with Data Science to build unique content to distill these insights down from their very complex and intricate starting points to a very palatable and actionable ending point. From there, he built out a webinar training series and engaged with VoterVoice clients.  

The result? We moved our VoterVoice users from being uncertain and merely buyers of software to being comfortable and confident leveraging our platform and seeing us as true partners in helping them achieve their desired advocacy outcomes.

Results: Advocacy Benchmark Report (Marketing)

A comprehensive 53-page report, analyzing advocacy campaigns of over 2,400 organizations. Focused on the data and findings to be a thought leader in the advocacy space. Analyzed the six metrics below:

  1. Open Rate
  2. Action Rate
  3. Monthly Metrics
  4. Hourly & Daily Metrics
  5. Sector Metrics
  6. Industry Metric

Click on the image below to view the document in full.

Results: 6 Key Takeaways Applied To VoterVoice (Client Success)

From marketing’s report and additional analysis we found from partnering with the Data Science team, Client Success came up with (6) key takeaways to help our VoterVoice clients double their advocate take-action rates inside of our platform:

  1. Leverage “Track & Resend”
  2. Send emails earlier in the week
  3. Send emails between 11am-4pm
  4. Keep emails under 250 words
  5. Include 1-2 Action Links, at most
  6. Link to your Action earlier in the email

Click on the image below to view the document in full.

Client Success is a Full Company Effort

At FiscalNote, we prioritize helping our clients be more successful with our tools and in their roles generally, and this company-wide ethos is ultimately what enabled this first-of-its-kind set of research and best practices. Our Marketing team originally had the idea to research, analyze, and understand insights from our unique set of advocacy data. From there, they partnered with our Data Science team to pursue this Big Data project, because of a hypothesis that leveraging in-depth data science research would yield actionable and unique insights for advocacy professionals. And then, our Client Success team interpreted insights found by the Data Science team and turned them into specific strategies and tactics within the VoterVoice platform. Without any of the three departments working together in these unique ways, we would not have nearly the same impact on the way advocacy professionals do their work.