Golf Prose: A Q&A with FN’s Putt-Putt Masterminds


In-between providing white-glove service to FiscalNote clients, members of the Professional Services cleverly concocted a miniature putt-putt course (dubbed Pro Serv Putt-Putt, officially and respectfully) earlier this fall that sprawled across the desks of vacationing colleagues.

I had to know: did this seemingly intricate putter project drive a wedge between teammates, or did golf’s super-short game bring them all closer together?

Associate Consultant and course architect Will Raphaelson answered some questions about its origin, construction, and patronage.

AR: Why putt-putt? 

WR: Putt-putt is a metaphor for life. Nah, we initially wanted to just straight-up grow grass, but there were several obstacles to realizing that dream. Mostly price, to be honest. Do you know how much 25 square feet of sod costs? We decided to just go with green carpeting, at which point we were only a hole and a windmill away from putt-putt glory.

AR: Who or what inspired this?

WR: Aileen and Serra have contiguous desk real estate and were both out in Colorado. How often do you get the chance to play contiguous desk pranks?

AR: Fair point. Where’d you get the supplies? 

WR: The course was mostly hacked together from stuff around the office. The bridge over the construction-paper water was actually the swinging lid from our trash can. We think this is its more optimal use. There was also a beta version of a tunnel made out of coffee cups, but that has since been deprecated. The only externally acquired material was the carpet itself, which we got from what ultimately turned out to be a pretty shady store in Georgetown.

AR: Who was the architect? 

WR: This was a true team effort with everyone making key contributions. Brianna, our intern at the time, turned out to be a true beast with cardboard and tape for the windmill; fearless leader “Wild” Bill captured the true 70s trailer-park aesthetic with his sign, and Ryan and I ventured to the carpet store that gave us our green.

AR: Did the course see many players? 

WR: I’ll say, it’s remarkable how many people walk by our pod without noticing the 8×3 patch of bright green carpet. Of those who have braved the course, only Product Marketing Manager Gerald Kierce has gotten a hole-in-one, which is interesting because the only rule of Pro Serv Putt-Putt is that everyone plays for free—except Gerald. His price has yet to be determined.

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