Galactic Bites & Games on #Maythe4th

Client education manager Mike Hamilton sparked #maythefourth activities early Wednesday, when he took to the OTC Café to set up a copy of his Fantasy Flight Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game.

Mike prepared a quick-start version of the game for fellow employees, replete with a how-to-play one-pager.

Post-lunchtime, FiscalNoters paired board-game revelry with galactic treats, including Chewbacc-lava and light-saber-themed cupcakes. The invitation came from Jed-i Barklet, a golden doodle wise well beyond his 11 months.

Chewbacc-lava was the crowd favorite.

Think you’re destined to join this bright band of celestial rebels? Check out our current job openings. #maythe4thbewithyou