The Big Blue Visits FiscalNote

The University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship kicked off its inaugural Northeast Entrepreneurial Trek in FiscalNote’s OTC Café on February 28. This program selects 30 University of Michigan undergraduate and graduate students to participate in a multi-city adventure intended to introduce student entrepreneurs to two of the nation’s fastest-growing startup ecosystems: New York City and the District of Columbia.

The group first participated in a breakfast Q&A with FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang; then, engaged with three FiscalNote employees (representing Operations, Research, and Product) in mini case studies about the real-life problems faced by the FiscalNoters.

“The honest, blunt, and thorough insight FiscalNote provided perfectly captured the objective of our trip,” noted Program Director Eric Bacyinski.

“Our students left the session with an entirely new perspective on how startups and entrepreneurship can successfully leverage the resources of the federal government. This was our Center’s inaugural trek to D.C. and FiscalNote will be my first call when it becomes time to build next year’s itinerary.”

Albeit a brief visit, the energy and engagement of the Michigan students was palpable, and the FiscalNoters on hand were thrilled to discuss the everyday issues their roles entail.

A big thank-you goes out to Eric Bacyinski for helping organize and coordinate this effort. We hope to do it again next year!