FiscalNoters relish craft beers in the FN café

Enterprise Solutions Analyst Emma Copeland educated fellow FiscalNoters January 26 on affordable craft beer selections, and some of their very best mates: bite-size snacks from Trader Joe’s, of course.

The food-and-drink pairings and presentation, prepared by Emma, were part of the company’s recurring show-and-tell-style “ShowFN” series.

Tables topped with snacks and suds galore.

A flight of five, carefully curated brews—both bottled and canned—were complemented by pretzel nuggets, cheddar cheese, chocolate-covered berries, and intermittent rounds of beer-themed trivia. (Did you know “cenosillicaphobia” refers to the fear of an empty beer glass?)

FiscalNoters jotted tasting notes nibbled snacks while listening to Emma's presentation.
FiscalNoters jotted tasting notes nibbled snacks while listening to Emma’s presentation.


In addition to the snacks at-hand, Emma offered up the types of sweet and savory eats that play well with certain suds. The Rhino Chasers recommendation tastes best with lighter fare, like salad, chicken, and baked seafood, she said.

Imperial Coconut Porter’s perfect match? Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies or a heaping helping of baked macaroni and cheese, heavy on the herbs and spices.

Noah inspects beverage clarity.
Noah inspects beverage clarity.


Emma leads the tasting, answers questions, and regales her audience with beer trivia.


The Full, Featured Menu: 

Pilsner: Lost Rhino Brewing Company | Rhino Chasers

IPABallast Point | Sculpin

Amber AleTröegs Brewing Co.v| Tröegs Hopback Amber Ale

Porter: Maui Brewing Co. | Imperial Coconut Porter

Stout: Schlafly | Coffee Stout

ShowFN shines a spotlight on the team’s knowledge and extracurricular hobbies. Employees take turns hosting these hour-long events, teaching each other everything from calligraphy to how and why Batman is the best startup superhero.