Management team sails to victory

Well, one team sailed to victory. The other was left in its wake.

Monday morning, our managers — equip with ample sunblock and curiosity — piled aboard a charter bus destined for a mystery management retreat plotted by associate director of operations Amy Dalebout.

Approximately 45 minutes later FiscalNoters found themselves in front of the Maryland State House in downtown Annapolis. On its steps, vice-president of operations Arthur Karell gave some rousing remarks, likening the hallowed ground to FiscalNote’s disruptive mission.

Arthur regales the group with historic tales.

Our early American government, he said, was one of the very first startups.

Following a brief tour of the building’s interior — and discussion of the retreat’s required reading assignment — employees marched toward the harbor, where the Woodwind I and II were docked.

More discussion on the steps.
More discussion on the steps.

Tickets were dispersed and assignments determined: Over the next four hours, two teams of FiscalNoters — under the careful instruction of professionals — learned how to navigate and race a pair of hulking, 74-foot schooners through the sailboat-speckled waters of Annapolis Harbor.

VP of client success Taj Chadha surveils the course.
VP of client success Taj Chadha surveils the course as business development strategist Elvin Merlo plays captain.
Amy monitors the competition mid-race.

During the epic showdown, each FiscalNoter was relegated to a sub-team; each sub-team was tasked specific jobs, like adjusting sails, measuring wind speed, and changing the vessel’s course.

Surmounting this challenge took teamwork, hustle, and — most critically — a strong current of clear, constant communication. Team 1, the ultimate winners, were first to the finishing circle, located on a big patch of blue by the Naval Academy.

The victors await their opponents at the dock.
The victors await their opponents at the dock.

To the winners went the spoils: cold beer and bragging rights.