FiscalNoters rise and shine for management training

FiscalNoters gathered in the One Thomas Circle kitchen bright and early Wednesday morning — 7:30 a.m. to be precise — for an intensive, three-hour management training lead by Vice President of Operations Arthur Karell.

FiscalNoters' engage in management training discussions.
FiscalNoters’ engage in management training discussions.

Accessible to all employees, management training is intended to examine FN’s best practices in tech management, management expectations, and overall company strategy.

Managers have the responsibility to be good stewards of internal resources while guiding the rest of the company through its phases of growth. Every person who manages any other person is required to graduate management training, in addition to their functional responsibilities.

Arthur addresses management trainees in FiscalNote's kitchen space.
Arthur addresses management trainees in FiscalNote’s kitchen space.

During Wednesday’s session, which included members of the summer intern staff as well as full-time employees, Arthur underlined urgency, identifying the critical importance of company culture and its ability to unify a team racing toward its goal.

Arthur’s career includes roles as a lawyer, U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer, and vice-president at a technology startup.

As he recently recalled in a Numbers and Narrative interview, Arthur left the Marine Corps with two lessons to guide his next career choice — work with an amazing group of people and do something meaningful. FiscalNote checked off both.