Health Week gets FiscalNoters focused on personal goals


FiscalNoters line up to try a sampling of beverages from JRINK, a D.C.-based juice company.

FiscalNoters line up to try a sampling of beverages from JRINK, a D.C.-based juice company.

FN hosted our inaugural Health Week November 4-9 in an effort to better align FiscalNoters with their mental and physical wellness goals. Each session within this multi-day program was carefully curated to reflect a stage in the cycle of healthy goal setting.

Wednesday’s schedule featured quick-and-dirty health assessments and body screenings to measure employees’ BMI, weight and exercise patterns. Joanna of Wandering Wellness paid a visit to the office to talk stress management and eating habits; she ended with a brief but therapeutic guided meditation.

Based on the results of Wednesday’s assessments, we identified areas for improvement. Life coach Brendan Herbert of Infinity Wellness Partners doled out simple stress-relief tips for daily work routines during the “Healthy Habits for Busy Professionals” workshop.

Olivia Mariani, a recent addition to the marketing team, signed up for Thursday’s healthy cooking class steered by Jessica Braider of The Balanced Kitchen.

“It was packed with nuggets of information to make cooking easier when you’re time-starved,” she said.

Friday, Saturday and Monday were all about taking action steps toward maintaining active lifestyles – and quite literally in the case of FiscalNoter Karen Hodson, who embarked on her 12th American Heart Association Heart Walk with her entire family in tow.

Hodson, who orchestrated all of the FN Health Week events, relished some well-deserved pampering Friday afternoon.

“Seated massages are such a quick and easy way to feel refreshed when you work at a startup where the environment is fast-paced and stressful,” she said.

Amid 15-minute chair massages, JRINK juicery tastings and conference room yoga, product manager John Zoshak led “Meditation 2.0,” a session on how to insert micro moments of joyful meditation into day-to-day living.

“The diversity in the sessions showed me that health isn’t just physical. Having a healthy mind and environment is just as important as eating well and exercising. I particularly thought John’s meditation presentation highlighted that,” said content specialist Kaitlyn Ridel.

The five-day foray into all things healthy ended Monday morning with a round of flu shots – what better way to jumpstart the work week?