FiscalNote Anniversary: A Message From Our CEO


FiscalNote passed an important milestone today. Exactly one year ago, we incorporated as a company and started on an exciting journey to building our dreams.

fnanniversarycupcakeThis company, in just a short 12 months, has swelled to serve customers from around the country with a revolutionary product and an incredibly talented team. What we’ve discovered as a team over this year is that our mission of unlocking government data and making it useful using beautiful design and cutting-edge technology is not only compelling but needed in the marketplace. We built something from the ground up.

And oh man, are we just getting started. This is just the beginning for our industry, and with tight execution and a continued focus on our customers, this is just the beginning for FiscalNote. Today FiscalNote alerts our customers on government risk in all 50 states and assists them in tracking important pieces of information, saving them valuable time and money. But tomorrow, as we push more into analytics and verticalized industries, FiscalNote will spur developments in the very discovery of risk and compliance within their organizations, unlocking an even larger value-add for our customers and creating a valuable enterprise in the process.

All of the success that we have seen as a company is the result of a small group of intelligent, talented, and relentless personalities that continue to drive the business forward. That always has been and will continue to be our secret sauce. The work we are doing here is not easy  – nothing meaningful ever is. But we are all fortunate to be a part of an incredible team that is driving towards a meaningful and valuable future.

We are still in the early stages of our company – in learning how to continue to iterate both in product and in process and provide more value to our customers. And while we’ve certainly learned a tremendous amount, there is still much more work that needs to be done. The challenges we face as a company will only grow more complex and insurmountable as we move forward. But as I’ve said before, with this team anything is possible.

The past year was an incredible one for us. I am personally grateful to all of our customers and their trust and to each and every one of you for your continued trust and hard work in this company. Let’s go off and make Year 2 a smashing success.

Tim Hwang

CEO, FiscalNote