Happy New Year from FiscalNote!


Our team celebrating the holiday season!

Our team celebrating the holiday season!

It’s been an incredible 2013 for us at FiscalNote. From founding FiscalNote in March and becoming a full-fledged, incorporated business in June, to bringing aboard our incredible team of investors, advisors, and employees in the months since, to landing our first clients, we couldn’t be more grateful for the progress we’ve made and the many people who have helped us along the way!

As the train leaves the station on 2013, we are excited to enter a new year of limitless potential. The sphere of unfulfilled government data needs seems to constantly grow, yet solutions to those problems do not appear to be materializing at the same pace. We can’t wait to ramp up our efforts in attacking these issues head on and look forward to continuing our push to enhance transparency and accessibility of government data.

We wish you a wonderful, data-filled 2014!